Pics and Gifs

Pics and Gifs


Pictures are a way to preserve a moment of time in our ever constant world. Thankfully, I live in the greatest city of the world to capture shots of NYC, along with other travel adventures I have embarked on.


I’ve loved pictures since I can remember. I was fascinated with coloring books as child which then seem to turn into always keeping an eye out for things. As I got older, I was able to get a digital camera and teach myself how to use photoshop, CS3 at the time. Along with this, there was always an attraction to movie posters in the newspapers, along with album/record covers. The design, colors and context would thrill me and I’d even recreate some in my own style. This is what eventually directed me to choosing graphic design as a major. After graduation, I hope to work in an environment that’ll let me experience this, for real this time. Until then, I’ve begun snapping pics and pushing myself to think outside the box, cliche as it is.